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0% moisture content or as low as you can get.

When all of the moisture is removed and the wood is stabilized, the resulting piece has no chance for expansion or warping which can ruin knife handles, pens, and other turned treasures where tolerances need to be tight.

NOTE:  Stabilize your dried wood immediately to prevent re-entrance of moisture.

The basic principle of wood stabilizing is to take a piece of soft or plunky wood and inject it with acrylic resin to create a stable, hardened wood blank that is safe to turn. The resin fills air pockets where moisture resides throughout the grain structure, creating a dense blank that is nearly impervious to moisture changes and can be polished to a high gloss.

Stabilizing is required to achieve the best possible results. If wood is not stabilized, there will not be a definite edge between wood and resin as well as the wood will be vulnerable to moisture changes.

Open time and cure time are different, while all other properties are the same.

Alumilite Clear can be open and worked with for up to 7 minutes, then is takes about 45-90 minutes to cure fully.

Alumilite Clear Slow can be open and worked with for up to 12 minutes, then is takes about 2-4 hours to cure fully.

Yes, using a pressure chamber produces the hardest possible blank and eliminates the possiblity for air bubbles in the casted resin.

It's possible to cast without pressure, but you are subject to air trapped in casting resin. Be very catious in mixing resin to reduce air bubbles and carefully pouring to not introduce pockets that air could be trapped in.

Our woodturning resins sand, polish and finish just like wood.

On your lathe at a low speed, start with 320 grit sandpaper progressively moving up to 20000 grit working from side to side. Then use polishing compound and cloth to polish. Buy Alumilite Polishing Kit in our store.

Finish with our surface coating resins (Amazing Clear Cast, Alumilite Water Clear or Alumi-UV), lacquer, wax, boiled lineseed oil, etc.

  • TurnTex sells various size of Cactus Juice Vacuum Stabilizing Chambers.
  • WoodCraft is a great resource to find Vacuum Chambers.
  • Packard Woodworks - the Woodturner's Source

The length of time depends on the casting resin's cure time and temperature. The manufacturer lists the cure time based on 72 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature lower will take longer to cure, conversely a higher temperature will cure faster.

For best results, curing should be done near 72 degrees Fahrenheit. We don't recommend anything lower than 60 or above 80.

Watch our video on How Long Do You Need To Keep Resin Castings in the Pressure Pot - Resin Casting Quick Tips

As long as equal parts are used of each system it should work fine.

The void was caused by shrinkage. The larger the mass, the quicker the cure, the more heat, the more shrinkage. The heat also caused the crack as well. The maximum you can cast is about 2500 grams (about 5.5 lbs). Beyond that it gets tricky with the heat that is produced.

Likely Amazing Clear Cast, User will have to rotate pot on a rotisserie for 4-6 hours (@70-75F) or until resin thickens enough to stay in place and not sag to the lowest point.

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